Alternative to Mailify: Acumbamail

Compare the minimum Mailify plan (Essential) and the basic Acumbamail plan to clear up any doubts you may have.

The simplest and most effective mailing tool

The simplest and most effective mailing tool

Acumbamail is an easy to use tool, and has more functionalities on offer.

Unlimited features, at a better price

Unlimited features, at a better price

If we get to compare Mailify's Essential pricing plan, Acumbamail plan offers more emails and unlimited access to complete features for a better price.

Create landing pages for your email and SMS campaigns

Create landing pages for your email and SMS campaigns

Edit and publish a landing page in minutes to integrate with your email and SMS strategy, without having to pay extra.

More than 850 designs available for your emails

More than 850 designs available for your emails

Choose from over 850 dynamic and responsive designs to use in your email campaigns, simply drag and drop the content and adapt it to your liking.

All you need, in a single platform

All you need, in a single platform

Email, SMS, landing pages and advanced optimisation tools all in one platform. Keep track of your entire marketing strategy, saving time and resources.

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Why choose Acumbamail instead of Mailify for your email marketing campaigns?

  • Versatile campaigns tailored to you

    With Acumbamail's minimum subscription fee, you can create not only classic newsletter campaigns, but also automated email and SMS campaigns, behavioural autoresponder campaigns, A/B tests to check the effectiveness of any element of your email and RSS campaigns to integrate with an RSS feed.

  • Easily edit and publish a landing page with Acumbamail's landing page editor, which features a variety of easy-to-customise, pre-designed templates. Direct recipients of your email, SMS or paid search campaigns to an interactive, targeted page to increase conversions. You can integrate it with an Acumbamail form (no code, just drag and drop), your ad campaigns and Google Analytics. In addition, you will be able to keep complete tracking within the platform: visits, registrations, clicks and scroll.

  • Access all our API functions to easily integrate email and SMS sending and manage your opt-ins and opt-outs from your own system. Set up webhooks to receive push notifications about campaigns and lists instantly.

  • Map your strategy precisely with full control of your email lists: lead scoring, automations based on segmentation and behaviour, list quality analysis, automatic list cleaning, duplicate detection, opt-out list etc.

  • Choose between different types of forms (classic, pop-up, exit intent, sidebar, bar...) to integrate into your website, an Acumbamail landing page or share it with a public URL.

  • A single Acumbamail account, different access emails and permissions available for your team.

  • We work every day to improve our product, adding new features on a regular basis. Our development team is always open to suggestions if you need a certain functionality that is not available on the platform.

  • Acumbamail's rates are adjusted to the number of mailings and contacts of your business and the recurrence with which you want to use your mailings. You will have access to the same functionalities no matter which option you choose:

    • Pricing plan by campaign: Choose a rate based on the monthly sendings you plan to make.

    • Pricing plan by subscribers: You can also opt for a rate based on the number of email recipients you have, with unlimited sending.

    • Prepay credits: If your volume of sendings varies and if it is not cost-effective for you to sign up for a recurring tariff, you can sign up for prepaid credits. They will be available in your account at all times, so you can use them whenever you need them.