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Email marketing for you

Acumbamail - Your complete email marketing tool Email marketing, newsletters + transactional emails.

You can use our tool to send your email marketing campaigns quickly and simply. from just 11 euros a month and with no fixed-term contract.

Over 900 clients have already placed their trust in us
Email marketing for you
Flexible pricing - Acumbamail
Flexible pricing

We have tailored pricing plans for our service Email marketing which will allow you to considerably reduce your company costs. You can send 20.000 email for just €15 per month

Support in Spanish - Acumbamail
Support in Spanish

We offer a full support service in Spanish by phone, chat or tickets. Get in touch with us at any time.

Complete tool - Acumbamail
A complete email marketing platform

Enjoy all the features you need: Autoresponders, AB tests, email editor, form editor, smtp relay and much more.

20,000 email a month for only 15€

¿Do you know why you should use email marketing?

Email marketing consists in massively sending emails with a commercial purpose to a segmented audience. In other words: send commercial emails to your clients and possible clients who have previously been registered in a database.

Why email marketing works

Mainly because it is oriented to an audience that knows your business and voluntarily have been attracted by it to the point of buying or, at least, let you know their email.

This is translated to big numbers and we know what we are talking about. Just in the last year we have shipped more than 127,000 campaigns and, what we consider more important, 13.496.412 clicks (yes, almost 13 and a half millions).

Why email marketing is cheap

Especially when compared to other online marketing channels (without even having into account offline channels). Can you imagine what you would have had to pay to get 13.5 million clicks with AdWords? The number of hours you would have had to dedicate to SEO?

It is worthwhile for you to take a look at our prices. You will notice that it really is a small investment if you take into account the total amount of people you can reach and the good conditions in which you do.

Why email marketing is scalable

An email marketing tool has to grow with the needs of your campaigns. When done well, the number of subscribers to the mailing lists grow with the passage of time.

From our point of view, it is logical to pay the minimum price while sending a few emails (we even offer you to use the service for free to send your first 2,000 emails). As your business grows and your campaigns become more profitable we do as well, we are prepared to send as much as 1,000,000 emails a month for you.

Why email marketing is simple

Much more than you can imagine: you just need to drag and drop. With our powerful editor and predefined templates you won´t need to hire a designer or a programmer: just drag and drop ..., drag and drop ..., drag, drop and hit send when your campaign is ready.

Well, of course you do need to create your mailing lists, but that's as simple as clicking 'Add an attachment to an email or upload a photo on Facebook.' Easy? Rather Easy-peasy! And besides, if you need help, you know you can always reach us and we'll always be happy to help you.

¿What is email marketing for?

One of the main advantages of an effective email marketing strategy is that it has diverse uses that, added-up and correctly aligned, suppose a direct benefit for your business.

We could distinguish the emails according to these uses because each type has its own characteristics and interacts a different way with your user, depending on the moment of purchase/acquisition phases where he finds himself.


We could distinguish the emails according to these uses because each type has its own characteristics and interacts a different way with your user, depending on the moment of purchase/acquisition phases where he finds himself.

An effective newsletter is one that you are glad to receive, that brings out a smile or informs you of something that you did not know before giving you a personalized experience. Obviously, behind it is a company and we all know it, but what you are told must be interesting and end up visiting their website or blog.

Promotionals emails

Now this is different. While newsletters are characterized by a certain periodicity and a much more subtle intention of sale, the promotional emails go directly to the user's point of vulnerability to bluntly sell.

You can also be glad to have received a Promotional Email, as long as the offer that appears is of real value to you. The creation process of a promotional email is also an art form in itself: you have to personalize everything as much as possible, make it attractive in terms of design and value proposition ... you have to sell it.

Transactional emails

Pure communication with your client. Those are the type of emails that you send to tell him things such as or Even: .

They allow to create a very important dialogue between the brand and the customer because they are the best way to make sure everything is going well, ask for forgiveness or avoid a crisis.

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