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Mailchimp vs Acumbamail

It is normal to have doubts about which email marketing platform to choose: whether to go for the American giant or opt for the closer Spanish company. If you look carefully at the details you will find that there are many points in favour of Acumbamail.

Mailchimp vs Acumbamail

Below is a comparison of the main points, highlighting the most important ones.

Mailchimp VS Acumbamail
Soporte en castellano
Teléfono directo de soporte
Envíos desde servidores ubicados en España
Autoresponders, Test a/b, RSS
Email transaccional
Posibilidad de solicitar nuevos desarrollos
+100 Cantidad de plantillas +60
Tarifas por suscriptores
Tarifas por envíos
69,32 € Precio para 10.000 subscriptores con 2 envíos mensuales 15 €
Mejor precio

20.000 emails per month for only 15€

+1.500 other companies already use Acumbamail

Más de 1.000 clientes ya confían en nosotros

Support in Spanish

The most important difference between mailchimp and Acumbamail is the support. Not just because of its quality and because it is local, but also because it is available completely in Spanish. Even if you are paying a high fee for mailchimp you will find that it is difficult to get in touch with them over the phone (and there's no point even trying if you don't speak English). Here at Acumbamail we will help you with any query you might have, be it creating your campaign, configuring your account, or if you need help from our newsletter creation experts.

We have always strived to stay close to the client and we have avoided the policies of large companies, where technical support is an endless battle between waiting songs and virtual assistants. Here at Acumbamail all team members must spend some hours each week onsupport, this way we can achieve a more personal approach, where our clients' needs are always at the fore. We strive each day so that our support is leading in terms of quality, and that is why we are proud to be known as the Spanish mailchimp.

To illustrate the difference, let's have a look at each platform's support pages:


The second point thing that stands out for Acumbamail compared to mailchimp is the rates. The American service is much more expensive and has fewer pricing plans. This means you have to pay more if their tariffs don't happen to exactly meet your needs.

At Acumbamail you can choose monthly payment plans per subscribers or per number of sent emails. If you want to send a single message we also have a prepaid credit option. Mailchimp does not have payment plants per sent campaigns, they only have prepaid credits or monthly payment plants per subscribers.

Since mailchimp doesn't have payment plants per sent campaigns, it is likely you will end up paying for a higher price plan than you need. For example, if you have 10,000 subscribers and you want to send two campaigns per month, with Acumbamail you can simply opt for the 15-euro per month plan, whereas with mailchimp you will have to sign up for the 10,000 subscriber payment plan, which will cost you 69.32 euros. What are you waiting for to try the Spanish mailchimp?

Compliance with the LOPD

Since the exclusion of the United States Safe Harbor agreement, the use of providers based in the USA constitutes an international transfer of data.

For this type of transfer, approval is needed from the Spanish Data Protection Agency, which will only be provided after the foreign company has signed an agreement saying they will store the data. This is a service that MailChimp does not currently offer.

Here at Acumbamail, all our servers are in Spain, so you won't have any problems in terms of the legality of your data transfers with us.

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