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Acumbamail is the mailing software that offers you all the tools you need to create and send professional email campaigns in minutes, and ensure great results right from the start, whether you are an SME or a big company.

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Advantages of using email marketing software for your campaigns

Using a bulk email delivery program offers several advantages:


Software like Acumbamail makes it easy to use reputable IP's and help you comply with best practices that will prevent your mailings from ending up in the SPAM folder.

Email list management

They also allow you to easily manage your subscriber list, such as the ability to segment or manage subscribers and unsubscribers automatically.

Professional designs within minutes

By using customisable templates in an editor, you ensure that you meet all the necessary technical requirements while achieving an attractive and engaging design.

Analysis and optimisation

By using reporting and optimisation tools, you can exponentially improve your results campaign after campaign.


Another advantage of Acumbamail's software is that you can integrate it with other services such as Wordpress, Magento or Shopify, and even your own system through our API.

No setup needed

You will not need to install anything on your computer, as you will be able to use our platform entirely from your web browser.

Check our pricing plans

Select the plan that best suits your needs: by number of subscribers, deliveries or by purchasing prepaid credits.

Send text messages so your customers don't miss a thing

What our email marketing software offers you

By using Acumbamail, you will have access to, among others, the following functionalities that will help you save time and resources:

Sign-up forms

Add various types of forms to your website to grow your subscriber list.

Free email templates and a drag & drop editor

More than 850 fully customisable templates, and the best email editor on the market.

Complete reports

View comprehensive statistics for your lists and campaigns for greater optimisation.


Create automated delivery workflows to send more effective messages.

A/B Testing

Try different options to find out which one works best for your recipients.

Website editor

Design and publish landing pages for your campaigns or entire websites and increase conversions.

Optimisation tools

List cleaning, automatic forwarding, quality analysis and much more. Everything you need to make your email marketing work perfectly.

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