Email marketing: what is it, what are its benefits and best practices

Email marketing email marketing is the use of email to provide with information or promote products or services to your 'email subscribers'. Thanks to its capacity for personalisation and segmentation, this is one of the most efficient ways to increase your potential customers’ conversion and recurrence rates, as well as offering an affordable tool at a fixed rate which always remains stable.

What is email marketing?
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What email marketing is

Email marketing it is the delivery of commercial communications, which subscribers have previously agreed to receive, to an email address included in a database.

The aim of these campaigns may vary, but in general, they are used to guide prospective customers into the funnel and increase their recurrence and loyalty and the brand. As well as serving as a sales channel, this is a very useful channel through which to create branding.

Email marketing: benefits and why you should use it

To set up a mailing strategy can offer a lot of benefits for a brand. A few of them are the following:

Email marketing is affordable

The delivery of advertising communications via email is one of the least expensive direct-marketing channels you can use, and it represents a highly effective way of keeping your customers or potential customers informed about all your news, deals and any other interesting content that you may generate.

The effectiveness of advertising emails is proven

The affordability of this channel, which allows you to send emails to people previously interested in your service or product (as they have given their consent for you to send them advertising campaigns), makes this a channel offering a high return on investment. Of course, it can be combined with multiple strategies and channels.

You can easily measure the success of your campaigns

You can check statistics for your email campaigns in real time and therefore discover how successful they have been and optimise them to ensure the best performance.

With an email marketing tool, it will be very easy to manage your campaigns

By signing up to Acumbamail, you’ll be able to import your subscribers and start delivering campaigns in just a few minutes, all in a simple and intuitive way – free of charge and with zero obligation. You don't need to enter a credit card.

You can automate your mailings and perform A/B tests

You will can create diverse campaigns types (normal, RSS, autoresponder), and carry out tests in order to measure the effectiveness of your advertising emails.

Increase recurrence and loyalty

Keep in touch with your subscribers and customers to make sure they don’t forget you, and send them relevant content and personalised offers to boost orders with cross-selling and up-selling.

It's customisable

Email is a direct channel which allows a high grade of personalization with dynamic content. With more accurate content, more chances of conversion.

It is very profitable

Mailing pricing it’s always the same, doesn’t depends on bids or season of the year like others channels. Thanks to that, is one of the marketing channels with a highest return on investment (up to 53 dollars for invested dollar in some niches).

Check our pricing plans

Select the plan that best suits your needs: by number of subscribers, deliveries or by purchasing prepaid credits.

Send text messages so your customers don't miss a thing

How to start to send email marketing campaigns

If you are decided to start to send email campaigns, only have to follow the next steps:

  • Sign up to Acumbamail

  • Create your free account, with which you’ll be able to send 2,000 emails per month for life, or choose your payment plan and enjoy all the advantages.

  • Get subscribers with our forms on your website or import your subscribers to create lists.

  • Import your templates or customize one of the 89 free templates available in Acumbamail and create campaigns with attractive, responsive and effective designs

  • Send your campaign and analyze the results in the report panel

Tipos de campaña de y ejemplos de email marketing que puedes enviar

By the use of bulk mailing tool as Acumbamail, you will can send various types of campaign:


Send promotions, news and regular communications to your prospects or customers in order to keep them regularly informed of any information that may be of interest.


Create automatic flows to send your campaigns in accordance with preset triggers or your subscribers’ behaviour, allowing you to send the most appropriate emails at the right time.

A/B Testing

Send different tests to know what of them get the best results in the easiest way.


Create RSS campaigns to easily send your blog updates.

Transactional email

Set up SMTP and send notifications to your customers, such as confirmation emails.

Good practices for your email marketing campaigns

In order to get good results with your campaigns and avoid that your campaigns get trapped by the spam filters, we recommend you to follow the following best practices:

Complies with the law

Get subscribers according the law (GDPR) and avoid buying or renting databases and, more generally, sending campaigns to users who have not expressly given their consent.

Create segments

Create segments for your lists and send relevant communications to each subscriber subset. This way, you’ll be able to increase your open rate and CTR.

Take care of your deliverability

Set up DKIM in order to improve your campaign deliverability and ensure that you reach your subscribers’ inboxes.

Campaign timing

Take care of your campaign timing without sending in excess and boring your subscribers nor waiting so long that they forget about your brand.

Relevant content

Don’t use aggressive sales techniques, and try to send valuable content in order to keep even those furthest from conversion interested in your emails.


Create intriguing subject lines to encourage subscribers to open your emails, but without resorting to lies or clickbait.

Email design

Design responsive and visually attractive emails, with appropriate HTML, thanks to the the Acumbamail editor, without the need for any knowledge of design or coding.

Analyse results

View your campaign reports, analyse metrics and easily find the weak points that need to be improved in order to obtain better results.

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