Why choose Acumbamail as an alternative to Mailjet

In this table, we’ve compared the minimum Mailjet plans (Essential) with Acumbamail’s basic plan in terms of price, included features and user experience to help you decide which suits you best.

The most complete email, forms and landing pages editor in the market

The most complete email, forms and landing pages editor in the market

One editor, three different formats. More than 850 templates for email and 150 for landing pages. Engage your audience with interactive elements like images, video or GIFs. Adapt to mobile-first with responsive-editing options for mobile.

Access to advanced reports

Access to advanced reports

Zero limits to statistics: consult opening, click and delivery rates; device, browser, location and ISP (Gmail, Yahoo, etc.) data; click maps and the campaign comparison tool.

^Email and SMS automations

^Email and SMS automations

Create smart flows that meet the specific characteristics of your contacts, behaviours or interaction with your site.

Unlimited multiuser access for each subscriber

Unlimited multiuser access

Work seamlessly with your team: manage unlimited log-ins with different permissions.

Support by email, live chat or phone

Support by email, live chat or phone

You choose how you want us to help you optimise your email or SMS campaigns.

More emails and features for practically the same price.

More features, less money

And with the Acumbamail minimum rate, you’ll be able to access the features that Mailjet only includes in its Premium plans (some of which are even unlimited, such as multi-user access).

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Select the plan that best suits your needs: by number of subscribers, deliveries or by purchasing prepaid credits.

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5 reasons to choose Acumbamail over Mailjet

  • Ideal for getting started in email marketing

    Acumbamail is an intuitive tool specially designed for beginners to email marketing, who do not necessary have any knowledge of coding or design. That’s why our platform is easy to use, allowing you to send a campaign email in just a few steps without sacrificing professional design, as you choose between our more than 850 responsive templates and edit them with ease.

    What’s more, we’ll be available to resolve any questions you might have by email, live chat or by phone, all from our minimum plan.

    Mailjet, on the other hand, is aimed more at transactional emails and is less intuitive; what’s more, with this platform’s Essential plan, you’ll only be able to access support via email.

  • With Acumbamail, you’ll be where your audience needs you: it couldn’t be easier to boost your business with a multi-channel strategy that includes email marketing, SMS marketing, lead acquisition and unlimited landing pages to which you can very simply direct users from social media or your own emails and SMSes.

    And that’s not all – you’ll also be able to automate marketing actions using automations that combine the delivery of emails and SMS, saving time and resources.

    Finally, with advanced lead-qualification tools, you can use Acumbamail as a control centre for your digital strategy: segment your audience to achieve your business objectives.

  • Even with our basic Acumbamail plan, you’ll have access to key optimisation tools such as A/B Testing to assess what will offer you the best results.

    Likewise, you can tell from a single glance whether or not your email campaigns are working correctly with visual statistics that include:

    • Open rate: bounces, clicks and unsubscriptions

    • Statistics per device, browser, geolocalisation or ISP (Gmail, Yahoo, etc.)

    • Visual click map and campaign comparison

    What’s more, you can easily extract these results in PDF format for your team.

    Mailjet only offers these options in its Premium plan, based on a lower number of emails per month and at a higher price. With the basic Acumbamail rate, you’ll have access to more features for less.

    And you can even branch out from email, with a general overview of your results offering statistics for SMS campaigns, acquisition forms and landing pages.

  • Design your form to look like part of your website or landing page – no one will even notice.

    You can create different types, like classic, pop-up, tab-closure, bar or side forms, as well as personalising these so that they appear after a few seconds, when scrolling down the page, or after a few days if registration has not been completed.

  • Whether you have a big team or a small team, creating a mailing campaign will normally involve several people.

    With multi-user access to the same account, you can manage each person’s permissions. You’ll be able to create as many users as you need, with no limits.