Bulk mailing: learn how to use it to grow your business

Mailing campaigns are of the direct marketing channels with one of the highest return on investment, depending on diverse studies, position, on certain sectors, on figures of up to 53 dollars for each invested dollar. Begin to send campaigns and get more loyalty from your clients and increase your conversions.

Bulk mailing
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What is mass mailing

Bulk mailing is the sending of the same email to a number of users which previously were being subscribed in a data base and expressing their consent to receive commercial communications by this way.

The objective of these campaigns could be generating sales, recurrence, engagement and other interactions by the users who receive this emails.

Bulk mailing benefits

Tu use mailing campaigns offer diverse benefits for the professionals and companies, for example:


The email is an economic way to send direct and effective communications to prospects and customers of your business, and allows to increase conversions and recurrence.


Unlike other channels, the email allows an interaction between the brand and the user, in a bidirectional way. This, can generate a stronger relationship between them, and increase loyalty and recurrence.


If you have some data about the user (name, age, language, etc.) you will can personalize in a dynamic way parts of the content of the email using tags. This, offer a more close and exclusive feel communication with the user.


The email automation lets you build workflows to send campaigns related to user behaviour, increasing the chances of email opens, user interest and ROI.


Unlike other marketing channels (especially those based on bid), the email price remains stable in all seasons of the year and if new competence appears.

Do’s and dont’s

If you are decided to start to send email campaigns, only have to follow the next steps:



Segment your data base by interest, demography, behavior or other criteria in order to send only to those subscribers which can be really interested in your campaign. This way, you could rise the open rate and the interactions.

Explicit consent

Get and store the explicit consent of your subscribers to obey the law, and never send nothing to an user which didn’t get you this explicit consent.


Create an attractive subject: It’s the first (and, most times, the only) thing of your email that your subscriber ever will see. So, it is your opportunity to get their attention and don’t be ignored.


Even your campaign could has the sales as primary objective, write valuable content in order to maintain the interest of your subscribers in your emails.

Obey the law

Obey the national and international laws (like GDPR in Europe) in order to be sure that you are not breaking any rule about privacy or personal data of your subscribers.


Do test and check the results to know what is the better option. Optimize your campaigns in order to get the most profit from them.

Correct HTML

HTML from your campaign must be correct in order to can be correctly rendered by all email clients, and responsive, in case your subscribers open your email in a mobile device. Out template editor guarantee both of them.

Take care of campaign frequency

Don’t send lot of campaigns until your subscribers get bored of them. They will unsubscribe or, worst, mark your campaign as spam. Don’t allow, neither, that they forget you with a lot of time between campaigns.

Set up DKIM

Increase the deliverability of your campaigns by verifying the domain of the campaign.

Clean your list to avoid soft and hard bounces.

Try to reduce to the minimum the bounce rate in order to increase the efficiency of your campaigns and avoid the risk of get trapped by spam filters.

Include a link that lets users unsubscribe from the mailing list easily

Always include a visible link to unsubscribe, thus avoiding frustrating the subscribers and marking your campaigns as spam.

Use a professional tool for your bulk mailing campaigns

If you're thinking of including bulk emailing to your subscribers as part of your marketing strategy, the recommendation is that you don't do it yourself, but to use a specific type of software or platform for it.

The perks of using an email marketing tools like Acumbamail for your bulk campaigns are, among others, the following:

  • With our forms, you will capture subscribers and easily grow your mailing lists

  • It has integrations with popular apps and CMS like Google Analytics, Wordpress, Prestashop, Shopify or Magento.

  • You can use the best email marketing template editor of the market, allowing you to create campaigns with an accurate and optimized HTML for all email clients and devices

  • You will can create normal, RSS or Autoresponders campaigns

  • You can check statistics in real timeand analyse your campaigns results

  • Our support team will help you with any trouble or doubt you could find

  • We will help you to comply with the GDPR and all current legislation that affects email marketing


Don't send to purchased, rented or inactive lists

Besides it is not allowed, it’s a bad practice that will get you bad results. If you send a campaign to users that are not interested, most of your emails will reach the spam folder, and you will had water your money.

Send to everybody

Not all your subscribers have to be interested in all your campaigns. Do segments of your list and send all those with more chances to be open by affinity.

Use aggressive sales techniques

Even thought there are campaigns with a sales objective, don’t be too aggressive or insistent, or finally you will annoy your subscribers.

Check our pricing plans

Select the plan that best suits your needs: by number of subscribers, deliveries or by purchasing prepaid credits.

Send text messages so your customers don't miss a thing

Differences between bulk mailing and spam

It's important to differentiate between bulk mailings and spam. A legitimate bulk mailing is when messages are sent to a list of subscribers who have voluntarily signed up and explicitly agreed to receive these emails.

Spam is email received by users not signed up to the list and who have not given their consent to receive mailings

To avoid your mailings being listed as spam, please take into account email marketing best practices and comply with data protection regulations. The current GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) become mandatory in May 2018.

Most important metrics

The email channel offer a great variety of indicators that you can measure to analyze the success and impact of your campaigns. Some of the most important are:


You have to secure that your campaigns are reaching the inbox of your subscribers by taking care of your reputation and avoiding mistakes that could lead to mark them as spam.

Open rate

Increase the open rate of your campaigns by an attractive subject and relevant content.


The click through-rate is the percentage of users that make click in the links of our campaigns, guiding them to the landing page.

Bounce Rate

There are two types of bounces: soft (when the server try again the delivery after a while) or hard (definitive, for example because the address doesn’t exist). Always you have to try to maintain the bounce rate as low as possible, by cleaning and optimizing the list of subscribers.

How to set up bulk mailing campaigns

Create a bulk email campaign is way more simple than that looks. You only have to sing up in Acumbamail platform, import your subscribers list, design the email with our template editor and send it to all your list or to specific segment.

Your subscribers will receive your email and you'll be able to consult statistics in real time. For example, the open rate or the percentage of user click-throughs in your mailing.

The steps to send a bulk email are the following:

  • Create a list of subscribers interested in your campaigns

  • Design the emails of your campaigns with the Acumbamail template editor

  • Send a test or try it out on different devices, customers and browsers

  • Schedule campaign

  • Check statistics to analyze results

Email marketing template

At Acumbamail you have a 800 responsive HTML templates, totalmente personalizables de manera sencilla, sin necesidad de conocimientos de código HTML o diseño. También, si prefieres, nuestro equipo can design one exclusive for you.

How to choose the right pricing plan

Acumbamail offers you versatile plans that are adaptable to your business needs:

By sendings

You can choose a monthly plan by a number of campaigns that you will can send to unlimited subscribers.

By subscribers

You can send unlimited campaigns to a specific number of subscribers.

Prepay credits

You can buy credits for your deliveries and send them whenever you need.

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