Send bulk SMS campaigns at the best price with the best quality: send campaigns and notifications to your subscribers’ mobile phones

Mass-SMS deliveries represent a direct channel to communicate with your customers and create loyalty, with opening rates of up to 98%. With Acumbamail, you’ll be able to reach your clients with the greatest personalisation and security, in just a few steps.

Mass-SMS campaigns at the best price and with the best quality
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What are mass SMSes?

Mass SMSes allow you to send personalised text messages directly to the mobile phones of as many contacts as you need, immediately or on a scheduled date, so that recipients can receive your messages without having to connect to the internet.

The most successful forms of mass-SMS communication are:

  • SMS-marketing advertising campaigns with discounts and promotions: consumers redeem 10 times more coupons sent via text message.

  • Notifications, reminders or authentications: 60% of consumers read a message within a period of one to five minutes after receipt.

  • Tracking, confirmation or customer-service SMS: SMSes enjoy a response rate 295% higher than that of phone calls.

Why send mass SMSes with Acumbamail

  • Premium mailing and guaranteed deliverability: Not all platforms SMS-campaign platforms can ensure that your messages will be delivered. With our delivery platform, you can rest easy: we use direct connection routes with operators and confirm delivery times for every message.

  • Personalised sender: Add your company or brand’s phone number as the sender to increase interaction.

  • The best prices for mass-SMS messaging in Spain: Start doing SMS marketing with Acumbamail at the best price in Spain (from €0.029 per SMS).

  • Effective and personalised communication: Personalise your text messages with tags such as the name of your recipient or unique links and check your results with detailed reports.

  • Concatenation and special characters: Don’t limit yourself to 160 characters – send concatenated SMSes if you need to. Our system supports Unicode characters to add special characters such as accents or emojis, or characters from non-Latin alphabets.

  • Comply with data-protection regulations without any complications: Include personalised unsubscription links connected to your contact list to automatically record unsubscriptions, without any additional administration on your part.

  • Contact management: Import your contacts from Excel or copy and paste and enjoy comprehensive tracking of delivered messages, clicks on links and unsubscriptions.

  • Unlimited landing pages at no additional cost: Create landing pages for your SMS campaigns to which your subscribers will be directed in order to acquire leads and increase conversions.

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Step 1

Easily import your contacts from Excel

How to start sending mass SMSes

Step 2

Add your company name to allow customers to recognise you more easily

How to start sending mass SMSes

Step 3

Create your message and add tags, shortened URLs, Unicode characters and an unsubscription link

How to start sending mass SMSes

Step 4

Automate and schedule SMS deliveries

How to start sending mass SMSes

Step 5

View results in real time

How to start sending mass SMSes
How to start sending mass SMSes
How to start sending mass SMSes
How to start sending mass SMSes
How to start sending mass SMSes
How to start sending mass SMSes

Try one of our SMS platforms for free

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Try one of our SMS platforms for free

Send SMSes from your software, system or application

Our SMS API will allow you to send messages simply and securely from your system. Consult our documents for developers.

How to start sending mass SMSes

Countries which you can send SMS with Acumbamail

With your SMS credits, you will be able to send SMS to your subscribers in the following countries without any additional cost.

Zone 1










United Kingdom

Zone 2

*These countries will have a cost of two credits per SMS sent











Need to send more?

Check out our unbeatable prices for high volumes. Leave us a contact number and we will call you as soon as possible.

Send text messages so your customers don't miss a thing


  • What are the benefits of bulk SMS messaging?

    El envío de SMS a tus suscriptores supone un canal muy efectivo para enviar comunicaciones de interés con una alta probabilidad de que sean leídas. Puedes enviar descuentos, ofertas, novedades, estados de pedido y un largo etcétera.

  • Our platform is simple and intuitive and in just a few clicks you'll be making your first SMS-campaign platforms and checking statistics in real time.

  • You can access the API using the POST operation of the HTTP protocol.

    The SMS sending platform allows you to benefit with the following functionalities:

    • Customise the sender: Use the name of your brand as the message sender, in such a way your subscribers will recognize you inmediately.

    • Messages concatenation: Send SMS messages with more than 160 characters and your subscribers will receive them as a single message.

    • Unsubscription link: Make the unsubscription process easy by including a link with just a single click.

    • Real-time detailed reports: Check your campaign metrics and its results from the very first moment.

    • UNICODE characters: Add special characters to your text messages in order to enrich them.

    • Message reception confirmation: We will confirm if your subscribers di get the SMS properly.

    • Landing pages for SMS: With our landing pages editor you will be able to create responsive landing pages for your SMS campaigns

    • Integration of our SMS sending service in your own software: Use our SMS API in order to integrate our service in your application and send from there.