Alternative to Getresponse: Acumbamail

This table shows full details about the most basic pricing plans for GerResponse and Acumbamail so that you can compare the features provided by each one.

More features, less money

Similar price, but without subscriber limit

The two basic pricing plans have a similar price, but only if you have less than 1,000 subscribers in the case of GetResponse. You have to pay more if your list is bigger, but with Acumbamail the number of contacts is unlimited.

More features, less money

Simplicity versus complexity

Although GetResponse offers many features, lots of them aren't necessary for the majority of users of this type of platform, and in many cases make the tool more complex. With Acumbamail, you have easy-to-use mailing, landing and SMS features that 90% of your users can benefit from without the need for any help. If you're one of the 10% that finds it tricky, you simply have to contact our support team and we'll help you.

More features, less money

More than 850 free templates

Acumbamail has more than 850 completely customisable and responsive templates for free that you can easily edit without needing to know about code or design.

More features, less money

SMS messaging at the best price and to several countries

Although it's used less than email, the SMS channel is one of the most effective and provides greater interaction and return on investment. What's more, it's the perfect complement to other advertising strategies Acumbamail makes it really straightforward to send your SMS campaigns in just a few minutes and at the best price.

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Other reasons to choose Acumbamail over GetResponse and other mailing tools

  • Pricing plans tailored to you

    Our plans are versatile and can be tailored to any type of user and their needs. You can choose monthly plans by number of deliveries or subscribers, or pre-paid credits to use whenever you need.

  • Our development team will assess your specific needs not included in the platform, but which can be added quickly and easily. If there's anything you can't find, just let us know!.

  • Quick and personal support with a thorough follow-up of all your enquiries by our support team, who you can contact by email, live chat or phone.