Alternative to MDirector: Acumbamail

Acumbamail is the best alternative to Mdirector because they both offer similar features, but Acumbamail has a more attractive design and ease of use for a considerably lower price.

The simplest and most effective mailing tool

The simplest and most effective mailing tool

If we get to compare Mdirector's basic plan, Acumbamail plan offers more emails and features for a better price.

The best email editor and more than 850 templates

The best email editor and more than 850 templates

Acumbamail has one of the best (and the most user-friendly) email template editor of the market, as well as a wide selection of ready-made, responsive templates that you can fully customize within minutes You will be able to design a responsive HTML email template that will look great on any device.

Better user experience

Better user experience

Our newly redesigned interface, in line with the latest usability trends, will allow you to use the entire platform right from the start. In addition, you can always rely on our knowledge base or our support team.

Optimise your results

Optimise your results

Our platform includes many tools to analyse and optimise your campaigns to get the best results: complete reports, list quality analysis, and much more.

Advanced forms

Advanced forms

Include our forms on your website and increase your list of subscribers with all the guarantees of compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation.

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Check our pricing plans

Select the plan that best suits your needs: by number of subscribers, deliveries or by purchasing prepaid credits.

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Why choose Acumbamail instead of Mdirector for your email marketing campaigns?

  • Diverse type of campaigns

    Besides regular email campaigns, you can create autoresponders, RSS and A/B testing campaigns, to compare the better option between two variants and optimize your results.

  • All customers with a paid plan, regardless of which one, will be able to remove Acumbamail logo from their emails, unlike Mdirector's basic plan which still includes their logo.Use an Acumbamail template to fully fit your email to yourbrand identity.

  • Another difference that is worth mentioning is that you can personalize your sender email and name for each campaign. This can have a massive impact on your open rates and deliverability rates.

  • Synchronize your email lists with custom audiences on Facebook to easily createa retargeting campaign on Facebook Ads.

  • If you need any feature that is not available in the platform, say it to us.

  • You can contact us via the most convenient channel for you: email, chat or telephone (911 988 405). In all three we will attend to you in Spanish and solve your doubts and problems in the shortest possible time.

  • At Acumbamail you can choose between three types of pricing plan:

    • Pricing plan by campaign: According to the volume of monthly deliveries you need.

    • Pricing plan by subscribers: Send unlimited campaigns to a specific number of subscribers.

    • Prepay credits: Select a delivery-based package and send out mailings whenever you want