Alternative to MailerLite: Acumbamail

Compare in this table the functionalities offered by both tools with their minimum fee to consider which one may better suit your shipping needs.

Unlimited Landing pages to create campaigns that convert

Landing pages to create campaigns that convert

Create as many landing pages as you need to refer to from an advertising, email or SMS campaign and increase your conversion rate. The MailerLite plan only includes 5 landing pages, with the option to create unlimited landing pages for an additional 9 euros per month.

All you need from a platform, both in Spanish and English

All you need from a platform, both in Spanish and English

All the Acumbamail interface and user manuals are in Spanish. Also, if you have any questions you can easily contact us by email, chat or phone.

360 Communication with bulk SMS

360 Communication with bulk SMS

SMS marketing has been gaining ground in recent years: up to 98% open rates, it is direct and is especially effective in combination with email. On Acumbamail you can send SMS campaigns from the dashboard or from your application and even create automated flows combining email and SMS. Try it with 5 free SMS.

Easily scalable

Easily scalable

If your subscriber base is growing or changing over time, only having rates by number of subscribers as is the case with MailerLite may not be the most scalable option. With Acumbamail, you can opt for a per-send or per-subscriber rate to select the most cost-effective option for you.

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4 reasons to choose Acumbamail as a marketing platform before MailerLite

  • Multi-channel strategy: email, SMS, landing pages and Facebook Ads

    Manage a complete multichannel strategy without needing to change platform: you can send different types of email (newsletter, RSS, A/B test, autoresponder and automations) and SMS (from panel or API, with the option to include in automated flows) and create responsive landing pages. You can also synchronise your subscriber lists automatically with Facebook Ads custom audiences, without having to do the process manually.

  • MailerLite and Acumbamail offer practically the same functionalities: dynamic forms, subscriber segmentation, automations, different types of email campaigns, complete reports with click map and geolocation, automatic forwarding to unopened subscribers... The difference is that Acumbamail is completely in Spanish.

  • MailerLite's minimum rate is cheaper than Acumbamail's, and if you have a small database it can be a good option. However, many companies have larger and, above all, changing databases, so a rate by number of subscribers can become quickly limited, and have a very high cost if you want to send more. With Acumbamail, you can scale your rate by number of sends or subscribers as you see fit, enjoying total flexibility.

  • If there is any functionality that is not included in Acumbamail, you can write to us to consider your proposal. We keep a record of all the functionalities that our clients ask us for and we incorporate them year after year.