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Email marketing campaigns: what are they and how you can create your first one

Learn how to create email-marketing campaigns and discover one of the most profitable channels to boost your business.

Email marketing campaigns

What is an email marketing campaign

Email-marketing campaigns are emails sent to a subscriber list in bulk, with a specific purpose, which may be commercial, informative or educational, etc..

Direct channel

This is a direct marketing channel that allows you to keep in touch with customers or potential customers interested in receiving news about your brand or company in their inbox.

Effective channel

As subscribers need to give permission to receive these emails, this is a very effective channel as they are show a high level of interest in your products or services.

Benefits of email marketing campaigns

Email marketing campaigns have many benefits, the top ones are:

Great return on investment

Email is one of the marketing channels that offers the highest return, reaching up to 50 dollars for each one invested in certain sectors. What’s more, it is also a fixed-cost channel, regardless of seasonality or competition, making it a safe investment.

Two-way communication

Unlike other advertising media, it allows you to establish a conversation with your subscribers, improving the ability to communicate with them and, then, enjoying greater loyalty.

Conversion Rate Increase

Combined with other acquisition channels, a good email-marketing strategy will help you improve your conversions and, as such, improve your business’s performance.

User and customer retention increase

It represents the perfect marketing channel to keep your customers up to date about all the latest news from your brand.

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Types of email campaigns

If you are decided to start to send email campaigns, only have to follow the next steps:


You can periodically send the usual newsletters to share your company's news and thus consistently maintain interaction with your users over time.

RSS campaign

Send RSS-based email campaigns allow you to automatically send new content from an RSS feed. You can send your latest blog post or even send images alongside a preview test of your post.


Automated email workflows allow you to automatically send emails to subscribers who meet certain conditions. You can use this type of campaign to send an automated email after a subscriber opens a previous email campaign, subscribes to a list, or even to send them a birthday wish.

A/B Testing

A/B Testing Campaigns allow you to send several different designs at the same time to see which option gets the best results. Each design will be tested with a small section from your list and the tool will assess which works best in real time, and send that version to the remainder of your list.

How to create successful email marketing campaigns

Creating emails campaigns with our tool couldn’t be easier. All you need to do is follow these steps:

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Design your template

Customize one of out of +850 templates from our drag and drop email editor to create a polished design within minutes, without the need of having design or HTML code knowledge.

Send campaign

Send our campaign to an email list or a segment from your list.

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