Create your surveys and get to know your target audience and customers better

Surveys are a very useful tool to get to know the needs of your visitors, and they can help you boost your business. Creating and publishing them has never been easier than with Acumbamail’s editor.

Create your online survey with Acumbamail
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Benefits obtained by sending online surveys to your customers

Online surveys have several benefits that have allowed them to become one of the most popular tools for companies to communicate with their subscribers and customers.

Real-time data

First, you can have access to the answers in real time from the moment users begin answering questions.

Quick and easy to answer

Given that they are surveys that can be answered quickly on a computer or mobile device (instead of on the phone or by using other more intrusive techniques), they reduce tension when answering them.

Different ways to get them to reach users

You can share the link on your social media, add the survey to an email campaign or include it on a landing page.

It takes minutes to create and publish them

Versatile options depending on the intention

How to create and publish surveys with Acumbamail

With the new survey editor, you’ll be able to configure and publish them in minutes by following these simple steps

Step 1

Set up your survey

Set up your survey

Step 2

Add your questions

Add your questions

Step 3

Publish your survey

Publish your survey

Step 4

Add it to an email campaign, a landing page, or share the link on your social media

Add it to an email campaign, a landing page, or share the link on your social media

Step 5

Consult the answers

Consult the answers
Set up your survey
Add your questions
Publish your survey
Add it to an email campaign, a landing page, or share the link on your social media
Consult the answers

How to make surveys reach your subscribers

You have three options to get your survey to reach the segment you’re interested in:

Share the link to your survey

You can share it on your social media, send it through messaging apps, etc.

Include your survey in an email campaign from the editor

If you would like to send it through a mailing campaign, you can include your survey in the template using Acumbamail’s editor.

Include it on a landing page using the editor

In the same way, the survey will appear as a block that you can include on your landing pages

types of surveys you can create

. Some of the most common surveys are:

  • Surveys Feedback

  • Satisfaction survey

  • Demographic surveys

  • Surveys to improve your products or services

Start creating surveys

Create surveys and properly get to know your subscribers and customers’ opinions.