Get your email marketing template created by professionals

Although in Acumbamail you have 800 fully customizable templates, in some cases there are specific needs that can only be achieved with an email template made ad hoc for you

Email marketing templates created by professionals

How it works?

The process is as it follows:

  • You provide us with your brand materials (logo, corporate colors, website, slogans, social media links and anything else we can get inspired with), as well as an explanation of how you want your template to be (what are you going to use it for, what kind of template would you like, if you have seen one that looks like it, texts that you want in the template, etc.) in order to provide you with an initial design that combines your tastes and needs, with our experience creating effective templates.

  • We Will make a design based on your indications, responsive and efficient, in which we apply all our experience on what works or what doesn't work in a template.

  • We share the design with you so that you can give us feedback and make the necessary modifications so that it is completely to your liking.

  • Once we have your approval for the design, we will include it in the editor so that you have it as a another editable template, so that you can use it for as many campaigns as you want, and make the modifications you deem appropriate. In addition, the template will be tested by us in a multitude of browsers, client emails and devices, and we will send you these tests so that you are sure that your visualization is correct for all your subscribers.

Check out some examples of customised templates we have designed:

How much it will cost?

A personalized and exclusive template costs 150 € + VAT. This is a single payment and you will have the template available in the Acumbamail editor, so that you can use it in all the campaigns you want for as long as you want.

You will also have a personalised template if you sign up to our yearly plan without any additional cost.

How I make the payment?

€ 75 + VAT will be charged at the time of ordering the template, and € 75 + VAT once it is delivered definitively. Both charges will be made to the payment method you have selected in Acumbamail.

Which benefits will I obtain?

Having an exclusive template offers certain advantages that can make a difference when it comes to getting good results in your campaigns.

Design by professionals

Firstly, it is designed by professionals with a lot of experience in the field of email marketing, who have already created many templates for the Acumbamail editor and many of our clients. This experience allows us to have efficient and thought-out designs for maximum conversion in an effective and proven way.

Tailored to your needs

Although our templates are fully editable and customizable, it is not the same to create one specifically for your campaigns, knowing all the details and needs of your brand and your business. In this way, we can include the exact elements you need, in the appropriate order for you to be able to send the perfect email.

Responsiveand with a correct HTML code

The correct display of the template in all types of devices and browsers is essential to avoid losing potential conversions and results. With our templates you ensure a correct code and you are prepared for any situation, avoiding problems with email managers and spam filters.

Tested in all clients, browsers and devices

In relation to the above, we submit all our templates to a demanding test to avoid any possible failure in browsers, devices or specific clients emails. Obviously, we will also undergo this test to yours and you will see the results for yourself.

Difference yourself from your comptetitors

Last but not least: you will be sure that no one else is using the same template as you, so you will gain significant brand recognition among your subscribers, and avoid any confusion with other senders. At first glance, they will know it's you.

Any questions? Contact us or call 91 198 84 05and we'll help you with whatever you need.

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