Integration with Shopify

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Integrate Shopify easily with Acumbamail

Acumbamail has created an app to integrate with Shopify. With the Acumbamail integration, you will be able to synchronize the products from your store with Acumbamail, align your buyers to include them onto email lists, and create custom forms with advanced analytics connected to your email lists.

To get underway, install the Acumbamail app from the Shopify App Store. Once downloaded, connect it with your Acumbamail account. If you haven't sign up yet, you can do so from Shopify after downloading the app.

Homepage Acumbamail integration for Shopify

Once the app is connected to an Acumbamail account, you will see a menu with the available features. You can activate or disable them from here.

Homepage Acumbamail integration for Shopify

The Acumbamail integration with Shopify offers these features:

  • Syncing your products to include the products of your store directly into your email campaigns using our email editor.

  • Syncing buyers to automatically create a list of buyers who have agreed to sign up to your emails, so they're ready at any time to receive your news and offers.

  • Custom Form integration to seamlessly integrate one form of your choice in your Shopify store so that you can keep growing your email list.

Now we're clear about its features and what they can do for you, here is how you can use them on Acumbamail:

Sincyng your products into Acumbamail

You will be able to access your product catalog once you're editing a template from the Acumbamail email template editor. You just have to go to the editor, on the right, and select Rows. Now open the dropdown and choose your click on the name of your store.

Custom Rows on the email editor to show product catalog

Once you've done that, you can select the products that you want to add to your email.

Syncing buyers into an Acumbamail email list

Once you activate this feature, all of the buyers that have agreed to receive your emails will be added to an Acumbamail email list automatically. You can check the name of the list from the Acumbamail app on Shopify:

Syncing buyers into an Acumbamail suscriber list

Once you have imported all of your buyers into Acumbamail, you will be able to: create segments within the list based on different criteria, send them email marketing, check email metrics and analytics.

Form integration

Finally, you can embed on your online store a custom form created with the Acumbamail drag & drop form builder, with premade templates available to customize your design in no time flat. You can choose between different types: pop-up, sidebar, exit intent, and side panel. The only form that does not work with this integration is the basic one. Once you have created your form on Acumbamail, move on to the Acumbamail app on Shopify and choose the form from the dropdown. Once you have selected it, click on Send.

Acumbamail form integration for Shopify

Once selected, the form will be embedded in your Shopify store so that visitors can sign up at any time.

Acumbamail form for Shopify store

Now you're ready to launch and streamline your eCommerce and email marketing campaigns. I hope you've found this how-to-guide helpful.