Integration with Facebook

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Integrate Facebook easily with Acumbamail

If you use Facebook Business Suite to manage ads on Facebook Ads and Instagram, you now can automatically show specific ads to your email subscribers. No need to keep updating manually your audience file. The Acumbamail integration with Facebook saves you time and keeps you organized: you can manage all your customer base in one place and launch retargeting campaigns to a highly targeted audience in a simple way. We will show you how.

With a PRO or Enterprise pricing plan with Acumbamail, you can create a Facebook Custom audience for each email list or segment. Let us show you how you can save up a lot of time:

  • Show specific ads to an email list or segment when they are using social media. You can create highly personalized ads that will most likely result in more conversions for your business.

  • Manage your up-to-date customer database from one place, knowing it is synch in with your Facebook and Instagram targeted audiences. Otherwise, you would have to export your email list or segment each time to update your audiences. Now you don't have to worry about that anymore.

  • Keep track of the complete customer journey: from when the user clicks on an ad on Facebook or Instagram, signs up to your email list, and completes a purchase on your website once they've received an email campaign.

Streamline your retargeting strategy and launch highly effective ads on the most popular social media channels using the Acumbamail integration with Facebook. See how easy it is reading our quick how-to guide.