Alternative to Benchmark: Acumbamail

Acumbamail offers some great advantages over Benchmark (beyond our affordable prices) when it comes to managing your email deliveries. Here, you can compare the basic plans offered by the two platforms.

More than 860 email templates

More than 860 email templates

Use one of our more than 860 templates, specifically designed for various themes and sectors as your base, and adjust them to the "look & feel" of your company in just a few minutes, without the need for design or HTML knowledge.

The best email and landing pages editor

The best email and landing pages editor

Our powerful editor enablesdesign attractive emails and landing pages for your advertising campaigns, simply and intuitively and with the option to include interactive elements to increase the interaction of your subscribers.

Connect to Acumbamail from a variety of applications, 100% hassle free

Connect from a variety of applications, 100% hassle free

Google Analytics, Google Sheets, Magento, Wordpress and many more applications can be synchronised with your Acumbamail account to save you effort and offer greater results. Consult the available applications here.

All you need to know to improve your email campaigns

All you need to know to improve your email campaigns

Also you will get access to complete reports of your campaigns in real time, including open rates, clicks, bounces, unsubscribes, click map, subscribers details, geolocation, ISP and devices. In this way, you will haven’t lack of data to analyze your campaigns and improve them.

Check our pricing plans

Select the plan that best suits your needs: by number of subscribers, deliveries or by purchasing prepaid credits.

Send text messages so your customers don't miss a thing

Why choose Acumbamail instead of Benchmark for your email marketing campaigns?

  • Higher deliverability

    At Acumbamail, we can guarantee that your emails will reach your client’s inboxes by helping you to configure DKIM and offering you our IPs with good reputations, so you can be sure that your subscribers will receive your campaigns correctly.

  • We offer you all the tools you need to comply with applicable regulations when collecting, storing and using your clients’ and subscribers’ data.

  • Synchronise your full lists or segments with your Facebook Ads audiences to boost your remarketing strategies and achieve a greater impact within your audience.

  • If, in a certain month, you find that you need to make more deliveries than your plan allows, you can purchase extra credits at the best prices.

  • Although we are always improving the platform based on feedback from our users, if you need something in particular, let us know and our development team will assess the possibility of implementing the required feature as soon as possible.

  • You can contact us via these channels: email, chat or phone (911 988 405). In the three of them we will attend you in Spanish and we will solve your doubts and troubles as fast as we can.

  • At Acumbamail we have a variety of plans which allows you to choose the one that suits better for your campaigns.

    • Pricing plan by campaign: You can choose a pricing plan according to how many messages what do you plan to do.

    • Pricing plan by subscribers: You can also sign up to a recurring plan according to how many subscribers you have and send them unlimited messages.

    • Prepay credits: If your campaign volume changes and a monthly plan it is not worthy for you, you can choose prepaid credits and send them any time you need.