Integration with Analytics

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Integrate Analytics easily with Acumbamail

Use Google Analytics to get complete insights on your email campaigns inside Acumbamail. Learn about your subscribers' behavior when they visit your website: Do they purchase? Do they bounce? Which email campaign performs better? Find answers to these questions using the Acumbamail integration with Google Analytics.

This integration will allow you to fully optimize your email marketing efforts, using actionable data.

You can track which portion of your traffic comes from an email marketing campaign, and what the average email subcriber does once they land in your website.

Gather these insights and use them to increase your Conversion Rate and implement a smart, data-driven email marketing strategy.

The Google Analytics integration tracks the links included on your email campaigns using custom UTM parameters, to tell where your traffic comes from right from the G Analytics UI:

  • Track the traffic source, if a visit comes from a mailing campaign, using utm_source

  • Know exactly from which email campaign the traffic comes from using utm_campaign

Get a 360 vision with perfectly aligned insights from Acumbamail and Google Analytics.Read our step-by-step guide to start the integration.