A/B Test - What is an A/B test?

A/B testing consists of displaying one version of an element to a number of users, and a different version to the rest in order to compare which one offers better results.
By comparing metrics, it is possible to determine which version is more effective to apply permanently.

How to do an A/B test?

To carry it out correctly, you should only change a single variable in order to obtain a specific view uncontaminated by the change of other possible variables and their impact on user behavior.

What is the utility of an A/B test?

An A/B test is used to evaluate which of the two versions offers better results depending on the element being tested. It could be the Call to Action with the highest CTR, the design of a landing page that offers the best user experience, or the form that generates the most leads, among many other examples.

Difference between an A/B test and a multivariate test

Although these mechanisms are sometimes confused, the main difference is that an A/B test only measures a single different variant, while a multivariate test offers two versions with multiple changes to the element or elements that are to be tested.

The importance of A/B tests in Online Marketing

This type of test is key in digital marketing because measurement tools allow us to test each change in order to improve certain metrics, especially the conversion rate. By doing so, we can offer users proven options that work best.

Tools for conducting A/B tests

There are various tools available for conducting this type of test. Some of the most popular ones are:

  • Google Analytics

  • AB Tasty

  • Optimizely

  • Visual Website Optimizer